What's New in Visual Paradigm

Latest release: 16.3 (Apr 19, 2021)

40 New Chart Types

40 new chart types are added in the latest version of Visual Paradigm, each with a number of professionally designed chart templates for you to start quickly.

Sankey Diagram maker

Some of the newly supported chart types

Candlestick maker


OHLC chart maker

OHLC chart

360 punch card maker

360 punch card

Punch card maker

Punch card

Sankey diagram maker

Sankey diagram

Stream graph maker

Stream graph

Butterfly chart maker

Butterfly chart

Marimekko chart maker

Marimekko chart

Variwide chart maker

Variwide chart

Double doughnut chart maker

Double doughnut chart

Boxplot maker


Column and line chart maker

Column and line chart

Curved line chart maker

Curved line chart

Difference chart maker

Difference chart

Floating bar chart maker

Floating bar chart

Floating column chart maker

Floating column chart

Nightingale rose chart maker

Nightingale rose chart

Range area chart maker

Range area chart

Step chart maker

Step chart

Stepped area chart maker

Stepped area chart

All charts:

  • Column chart
  • Grouped column chart [New]
  • Stacked column chart [New]
  • 100% stacked column chart [New]
  • Bar chart
  • Grouped bar chart [New]
  • Stacked bar chart [New]
  • 100% stacked bar chart [New]
  • Line chart
  • Curved line chart [New]
  • Stacked line chart [New]
  • 100% stacked line chart [New]
  • Step chart [New]
  • Pie chart
  • Doughnut chart
  • Area chart
  • Stacked area chart [New]
  • 100% stacked area chart [New]
  • Stepped area chart [New]
  • Column and line chart [New]
  • Grouped column and line chart [New]
  • Stacked column and line chart [New]
  • Butterfly chart [New]
  • Histogram
  • Bubble chart
  • Scatter chart
  • Gauge chart
  • Double doughnut chart [New]
  • Semi doughnut
  • Nightingale rose chart [New]
  • Pictorial chart
  • Pyramid chart
  • Funnel chart
  • Radial chart
  • Stacked radial chart [New]
  • 100% stacked radial chart [New]
  • Rose chart
  • Stacked rose chart [New]
  • 100% stacked rose chart [New]
  • Heat map
  • Tree map
  • Control chart
  • Pareto chart
  • Geo map
  • Geo heat map
  • Floating column chart [New]
  • Floating bar chart [New]
  • Stream graph [New]
  • Candlestick [New]
  • OHLC chart [New]
  • Sankey diagram [New]
  • Difference chart [New]
  • Punch card [New]
  • 360 punch card [New]
  • Boxplot [New]
  • Marimekko chart [New]
  • Stacked bar mekko chart [New]
  • Variwide chart [New]
  • Range area chart [New]
  • Range spline area chart [New]
  • Range step area chart [New]

OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) support

Design RESTful API and generate API definition in accordance with the OpenAPI specification. Two enhancements are made in the latest version of Visual Paradigm:

  • Support of OpenAPI specification v3 in API generation
  • Supported importing Swagger, OpenAPI, YAML and JSON
OpenAPI logo

Matrix enhancements

Identify the relationships among model elements with the use of a matrix. Two enhancements are made in the latest version of Visual Paradigm.

  • Supported multiple relationship types.
  • Supported showing elements' user ID in matrix's column and row header
Matrix enhancements

Org. chart descendant's layout

Switch between the layouts of branches in an org. chart with one click. By default, org. chart units are arranged horizontally. You can switch to a vertical layout by right clicking on the diagram and selecting Presentation Options > Descendant Layout > Vertical from the popup menu.

Org. chart descendant's layout

Doc. Composer enhancements

Doc. Composer is a flexible document-generation-tools that allows you to create any kind of report you need. It features a rich collection of element templates that outputs different content from your model, in different layout and styles. You just need to drag and drop the templates you need onto the report, and that's it!

In the latest version of Visual Paradigm, two enhancements are made:

  • Supported organizing user-defined templates with folders
  • Supported outputting PostMania post content to report
Doc. Composer enhancements

Shows package structure in name completion

The name completion feature provides a handy way to reuse existing elements. By typing a part of an element's name and hitting Ctrl-Space, a list of elements whose names match the entered text would appear. You can then select a name to reuse an element.

In the latest version, a minor enhancement has been made to help you identify the location of a model element. Just by placing your mouse pointer over a name, its fully qualified name would appear as tooltip. This is particularly useful when there are multiple elements sharing the same names.

Shows package structure in name completion

Show/hide call message return type

When an operation with return type is set to a sequence message as its operation, the name, parameter and return types of the operation would be presented. Now, you can hide away the return type of operations in sequence diagram.

Show/hide call message return type

Hexagonal Arch. Diagram

Hexagonal Architecture Diagram is a visual representation of hexagonal architecture. It aims at creating loosely coupled application components that can be easily connected to their software environment by means of ports and adapters. This makes components exchangeable at any level and facilitates test automation.

The latest version of Visual Paradigm provides the symbols and templates you need to create your Hexagonal Architecture Diagram.

Hexagonal Architecture Diagram

4Qs Framework

The 4Qs framework is a framework for designing a sales system. It provides four distinct quadrants to organize staff and their processes, breaking down departmental barriers and making it easier for staff to anticipate how change can be made across the business.

The latest version of Visual Paradigm features a number of 4Qs framework templates to support your planning and brainstorming needs.

4Qs Framework

Re-arrange items in a CJM cell

Re-arrange touch-points, user actions, and any cell items in a Customer Journey Map easily with the new move up/down function.

Moving CJM item up and down

More primitive shape types

Supersede the default appearance of a shape by choosing a primitive shape type you preferred. The latest version of Visual Paradigm supported a number of new shape types. Now, you can select rectangle, rounded rectangle, oval, triangle, octagon, diamond, pentagon, trapezoid and hexagon.

More primitive shape types

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